Zenzula- What is it about

The Zenzula is a contemporary version of the traditional musical instrument Mbira, which was invented by the geniuses of yore in ancient Africa, it symbolises tapping into the rhythm of music conceived by our ancestors 3000 years ago.

Zenzula, as the name indicates, has a very soothing sound and appeal, the ease of playing the instrument is remarkable, it fits comfortably in your hands and almost plays itself, Made in different types of woods the Zenzula majorly relies on using dried hard teakwood artistically hand carved to enable the enforcing of a stable foundation for the harmonic table to produce lasting reflective and meditative tones. An oval metal can resonator binds this arrangement together and the formation produces mystical overtones that can be equated with the sound of water drops falling on a metallic void.

The Zenzula which is a modern day version of the traditional African instrument, the Mbira, has a rich sound and The Zenzula fits comfortably in your hands and has a tone that is therapeutic and calming and can be played by almost anyone including young children. The warm, soft and gently relaxing sounds are harmonious in themselves as well as when played with other instruments. Anyone can immediately begin to play the handy Zenzulas due to the pre-tuned scales and create wonderful and enchanting melodies.

One gets easily drawn into the enchanting orbit of this magical little instrument for many reasons; it is easy to use and carry, doesn’t need any training to start grooving instantly &, is art, music and storytelling all rolled into one. The Zenzula is naturally aesthetic and comes in many colours and designs, the in-house offing of the carved colourful faces, vintage plains, rainbow, landscape, petals and heart designs or make one of your own if you choose to go the ‘build my own’ way.

The Zenzula comes in standard pentatonic tunings starting D to F minor or F to C major but custom tunings are available on request. Re-tuning it by moving the metal tines forward or backward using a prodding device is easy and possible, these tines are non-corrosive, heavy duty, steely pieces of handwork that are beaten out, sanded and polished to ease them glide under the fingers smoothly.

The Zenzula is tuned at 440 MHz so it can be played along with other instruments like the guitar, drums, flute etc. The notes are arranged in a fan like shape with the lowest note (F) in the middle after which they follow a left-to-right progression F, A, C, D, E, F, A, C, D for the Regular model and D, F, G, A, C, D, F for the Mini.