Happiness in your hands

Simple, Small & Soothing

The Zenzula is a perfect companion for yoga, relaxation and meditation, story telling as well as creating beautiful music. It fits so comfortably in your hands that it almost plays itself.

People often ask "How could such a little instrument produce such a prominent sound?" These enchanting overtones and it's high tension metal resonator is what differentiates it from any other Thumb Piano . One cannot help but to be drawn into it's magical orbit.

What people say?

Andrew's Zenzulas are magic! Each Sanza is carefully, beautifully sculpted, big or small and are a master piece. I love the sound they create when you play because they vibrate in rhythm with my heart and gently rock my spirit. I love playing them by or on the lake, in nature, with friends. These truly gifted Sanza's always succeed in taking me to another place... Thank you!

Vixy G, Switzerland

What people say?

"These instruments are wonderful, hand-made pieces of art. The sound is quietly bewitching - it elicits joy and seems to bring out the good in people. It's a modest price for such long-term rewards. I can't recommend this product enough!"

Jane, Rhode Island, USA

What people say?

At the end of a concert for youngsters, I discovered that middle sized sardine can looking at me. Laying in Andrew's hands, it was like singing to me or for me like in a dream. I immediately fell in love with that magic sound and bought "it" and then it's little sister too, that very day.

Nadia Metral, Musical Educator Geneva, Switzerland


The ZenZula is tuned at 440 Mhz so, you can play along with other instruments like the piano, guitar, flute etc. 

The notes are arranged in a fan like shape with the lowest note (F) in the middle, afterwhich the notes follow a left-to-right progression F, A, C, D, E, F, A, C, D as shown in the diagram :

The Mini ZenZula has only seven notes : D, F, G, A, C, D, F

Advanced playing/retuning

The ZenZula is also re-tuneable. It’s scales can be changed by moving the metal notes forward or backward.

If you are an experienced musician and wish to change the scale, or if for some reason your instrument is out of tune:

caring for your Zenzula

  • When carrying, keep it in it’s box to avoid damage and de-tuning.
  • Do not expose your instrument to rain, sea water or high humidity as the metal may begin to rust. For any questions please contact us

Play your Zenzula with Love!


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